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Welcome to this free resource website. Its full of information you might not have heard about.  Don't get overwhelmed!  This site is about learning. Take your Time! Look Around! if you have questions do not hesitate to ask! you are not alone!

as of January 2018, I teamed up with holistic moms network. I am leading one of the many chapters.  East of the River in CT, USA 

they are a non profit organization that has chapters nationwide!

I knew that this organization has the same mission I do. Inform the masses, create a close community, and make them stronger, healthier and happier! 

east of the river chapter info:
www.hmn[email protected]
Facebook Page
Join a chapter near you:

Why Join and Become a Member
> You will get 40% off ND approved Supplements Pure Encapsulations & Vital Nutrients when doing Bulk orders,  Note For East of the River Chapter Only, for Now!
>  Free 40 Hour video + 500 page e-book, training on how to effectively use Homeopathic Medicine
> Free one year subscription to fmtv FoodMatters best documentaries out there! 

consider joining, and you will have access to one of the smartest Facebook groups i have ever found


Meetings held at the Eastside Neighborhood Resource Center in Manchester CT 

Where:  153 Spruce Street Manchester CT
When:    Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month 6pm to 8pm

Parking:  You may park at Nathan Hale Elementary School

Arts & Crafts for the kids @ every meeting & a movie!

Light Snacks and drinks will be provided.

We invite healthcare practitioners to discuss new advanced research in healthcare!

We also invite holistic practitioners to work with us hands on. It’s like having free samples of expensive holistic services and retreats!

Learn all the new insurance coverages for holistic modalities. Naturopathic Doctor services available for state insurance under 18 years old. One quick tip! *Not all CT doctors participate in the program*

Connect with people interested in improving their health and their family’s health and wellbeing.

You will get so much info through these meetings. After each meeting you will be more empowered than the last.

We have fun workshops and hand on learning!

Here is where we connect and distress as a group!

Community signup sheets! Get together outside of HMN! Great way to connect with other community members!

Convenient Parking! Park across the street at Nathan Hale Elementary school parking lot.

Keep checking the Facebook page for additional information & updates!

More info:

Become a member and get many great gifts including 40% off friends and family discount on ND approved supplements such as Vital Nutrients and Pure capsulations.
HMN national also offers great incentives for becoming a member. Check out their website. Only $30 a year to join.

NOTE to Practitioners: Please contact Gigi if you are interested in speaking or doing a short workshop with our group! [email protected]

FREE EVENTS, $ 5 dollar donations are much appreciated! All donations are tax deductible!

Being a member is not required to attend meetings.

New Events: 

OCTober 9 2108
More On Homeopathy And how To Stay Healthy this Flu Season 


May 14, 2018:
Dina Markind, Heart of Well - Being LEARN SELF CARE! Here we will learn anti stress techniques and More!
Vital Signs of Well-Being™: 50 minutes presentation

Vital Signs of Well-Being™ is a program for prevention of and recovery from burnout. It is based on research in positive psychology, which looks at what works, my experience working with and coaching others, as well as my own experiences moving toward well-being.

Overwhelm: 60-second strategies for balance in a busy world

These are four simple strategies for developing mindfulness and reducing the stress response. They are practical, take only sixty seconds, and are designed to help busy people be more effective and happier at work, at home and wherever you go. The techniques are easily learned and the basics can be taught within an hour. The benefits of each technique are proven and documented in research.

Research in mindfulness has shown that mindfulness interventions promote job satisfaction and help prevent burnout in terms of emotional exhaustion for those who work in jobs which require a lot of emotional labor. Furthermore, there are positive relationships between work-related mindfulness and task performance and organizational citizenship behavior, respectively, within surveys of working adults.

Dina’s master’s thesis was on the effect of relaxation on blood pressure. Oasistm strategies provide and updated, fast acting way to tap into the power of relaxation and mindfulness especially as it can be achieved through conscious diaphragmatic breathing. Dina is a Certified Master Oasis Trainer.

Contact Dina to learn more about how this program can benefit your organization.

Grenough, Millie, Oasis In the Overwhelm: 60-second strategies for balance in a busy world, copyright 2012; Dina studied with Millie

June 11, 2018:
Soap Making and Toothpaste making, end of year party! Ice Cream Social! STAY TUNED FOR NEW LOCATION

$10 for materials On April 9th & June 11th! Free to just watch how its done or bring your own materials from home.

Monday March 12th 2018:
Dr. Matt Chella will introduce chiropractic care and how your whole family may benefit from treatment for conditions beyond just neck or back pain. We will have an interactive discussion on the following topics: pregnancy-related pains; newborn tongue/lip tie evaluation and treatment options, developmental milestones, and muscular tension issues in the infant; headaches and migraines; jaw/TMJ pain; sports injuries; spinal disc injuries; and various other conditions the pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric populations may suffer from. Chiropractic offers holistic and conservative treatments without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgeries while instead utilizing hands-on therapy and patient education to manage a wide range of musculoskeletal and associated neurological conditions.
Dr. Matt Chella is a chiropractor at Loving Hands Chiropractic, with offices in Storrs and West Hartford.
(860) 487-9543

April 9, 2018:
Meet Olga and Connie from Green Shade Wellness, We will learn about Detox & we will make some essential Oil Blends
Certified Specialists in:
Digestive Health
Many think of digestive issues causing minor things, such as stomach pains and discomforts, but problems with digestive health have been linked to serious issues throughout a person’s body. Although foods we eat may have small amounts of toxins, synthetic ingredients, and even poisons, our digestive system does a decent job of filtering most of that out. When things aren’t working properly food can rot internally instead of being digested, bad bacteria can increase, and you can have some serious side effects and potential for diseases.

Detox Programs
One way to help your body fight off a build up of toxins is by putting yourself through a detox. Unfortunately the internet is full of detox “fad” options, which potentially may be further damaging. A detox plan should be based on the individual, their concerns, ailments, and goals, but also with other health situations in mind.

Our goal is to make a detox plan that will meet your health expectations, with minimal risk and side effects.

Colon Hydrotherapy
Colon hydrotherapy is the gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water. No chemicals or drugs are involved and the entire therapy is both relaxing and effective. The process helps to remove toxins, bacteria, and waste in the colon and can be a great for elevating discomfort and a good starting point to getting your digestive health back in line. Doctors may also allow you to use colon hydrotherapy as an alternative to fasting and cleansing prior to a colonoscopy.

February 12: 2018 

It was a great turn out, there was about 20 to 30 people!  
Dr. Burman Had a special Announcement, 

Go to the HMN East of the River Facebook Page and watch the live feed!

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